Sunday, November 22, 2009

Golan Sights

Want a up to date site on what's happening in the Golan? Look no further than Golan Sights.

The site, which was recently started by a friend of mine, is poised to become the preeminent, authoritative website on traveling/touring the Golan for the English speaking public.

A great initiative. Go there today and show your support for Golan Sights.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is here

With Pessach just less than two weeks away, spring is everywhere you look in the Golan.

The rolling hills and cliffs coming down the Golan on road 87 from Qatzrin are as picturesque as one can find: rich green grass dotted with lovely yellow flowers (I really should know their names by now). The past few mornings, I've seen a few storks gliding through the northern air; although, not as many as I've seen in recent years. However, even a novice bird watcher like me can know that you must be patient. And besides, there were also a couple of vulture spottings.

Yes, spring is really here - tonight we change the clock and next week I'll be coming home from work in daylight. O' winter, where have you gone?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Desperate times call for even more prayers

Before I meander into the dire rain situation, I’ll being on a positive note. The past couple of days, the weather has been absolutely terrific; overcast dark grey skies that have yielded an abundance of rainfall.

And how do I know? Because for the first time this winter, water is accumulating in the seasonal brook opposite my house.

Nonetheless, as we head into March and with another six more weeks of praying for rain, this has been an awful winter in terms of precipitation in the Golan Heights, and Israel at large. From what I remember, November started slowly with little rain, December was slightly below average, January’s skies were akin to summer, and February has been an on and off month.

Granted, the rabbis have encouraged people to add a special prayer for rain; however, now they’ve added an additional prayer. The communal prayer, similar to a rain dance without the dance, is said on the Sabbath when they open the holy ark.

I’ve been in Israel for over a decade, but never recall getting this desperate for rain. So if you’re feeling good, go ahead and do a little jig for rain.